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Mechanical Gauge

Model : MG

Integrates the function of level measuring and level display directly
Can output the resistance sign, and monitor the level long-distance

Widely used for level detecting of static liquid. the main liquid is water,gasoline and diesel oil, also AdBlue/DEF after changed the material.
Main material:Aluminium alloy
Thread fitting:M45x2 or BSP 1 1/2
Assembly:The standard 6 holes flange is locked by screws or Weld the welding flange to the tank
Flange(Optional):Standard 6-hole welding flange.
Screwing torque:300~400N.m
Length range:120~700mm
Alarm switch:For option, high level or low level for choosing, alarm current is below 500mA. The alarm point can be set at the level of 9/10 and 1/10
Output sign: 0~190Ω 、240~33Ω
♦ Operation temperature:-40~85°C
♦ Integrated precision:5%

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