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S5 Fuel and Water Level Sensor

Model : S5

Suitable for truck, generators/genset, bus and marine field

Widely used in fuel, water, kerosene and chemical tanks

OEM quality, widely used on automotive and marine OEMs

Reed switch, steady output signal

Simple and strong structure , Advanced corrosion resistance
Long using life, anti-vibration,anti-explosion
High quality fuel and water level sensor

Economical level sensing solution, long service lifespan

Without limitation of environment,length can be customized



• Material: SUS316 or SUS304 stainless steel
Length range: 100 to 3,000mm for standard (can be customized)
Assembly: SAE standard 5 holes
Mounting: 5 pieces of M5 screws and 2 mm thick gasket

Various types of flanges are available for fitting fuel tank if necessary

Connector: Brand Delphi,Tyco or others is available according to customer’s Requirement
Supply voltages: 10V to 32V
Rated current for alarm switch: 500mA
Output signal: 0-190ohm, 240-33ohm, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-5V, 0.5-4.5V or customized
Resolution range: 10mm to 40mm

Operating temperatures: - 40 to 85°C
Protection rank: IP67
Option: high/low alarm

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S5 Fuel and Water Level Sensor